Disappearing Budget with Restore Process

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Here’s a “work-around” for this problem which, for me, resolved months of frustration, hours of work repopulating Quicken data files, and days of fruitless conversations and chats with Quicken support.
I have latest version and upgrades.

First My problem, which seems to resemble many from closed discussions on disappearing budgets: My budgets disappear when I restore from my backup file, pure and simple.

My observations:
1. My problem seems to occur only when I “restore” from a backup.
2. In spite of turning off cloud backup, I notice after a “restore” that a cloud back-up sequence occurs. Upon checking again that cloud backup is turned off, it remains “Off”.
3. Immediately after the “Restore” and the back-up, I get a notice that my budgets are no accessible/available – or something to that affect.
4. If I close and re-open Quicken I get an invitation to create a budget(s)
5. Restoring again from backups in the distant past where I am sure my budgets existed persistently fails to show my budgets.
6. **I am certain that the budgets are contained in the files because the same backups restored on my laptop show all of my budgets.
7. I have always avoided the Quicken cloud backup, and rely solely on my backups located on my high capacity thumb drive which contains backups for several months.

After reviewing many online conversations in Quicken Support in the Community, most of which are closed without resolutionn, and speaking and chatting with Quicken support, I am left with no recommendations other than to re-create my budgets.

If any of the above observations provide any “hints” as to the location or nature of this “bug”, please respond. Hopefully Quicken programmers can provide a definitive fix.

IN THE MEANTIME, here is a simple work around which has consistently worked for me:
Turn off your wifi/internet connection to the computer. Do your “Restore” as per the usual instructions, and magically the budgets reappear.

To the extent that others have noted the problem occurring during their backup, rather than “restore”, I suggest backing up to a local drive and again, trying a backup with the internet without an intenet connection.

??I think the overriding cloud backup, in spite of having cloud backup turned “OFF” is the source of the problem. Turning off the internet connection prevents the backup sequence.
Just saying…


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    Above no longer works.
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    I have turned off WiFi and Internet access on my laptop before trying restores of my Quicken backup files to determine where my last valid Budget file was contained. It was my June 16th backup. The June 17th backup wanted to create a new budget indicating loss of the historical information. I wonder if there is an export option for the budget information. I'm currently at R41.10 without cloud backup perferring local means.

    I reconnected WiFi and Internet access and then restored my Quicken backup file for June 16. After the restore I was prompted for my Quicken ID Sign In login password which I declined. It did show my Budget. I then tried my June 17 backup, was prompted for Quicken Sign In password and declined; no historical budget displayed...only create new budget.

    The Print Budgets function of print to a PDF file of the June 16 backup worked OK. Attempting to export the Budget report caused Quicken to crash with no output. Upon restarting the June 16th backup version after the crash, the File options did not show Print Budgets... but Print Spending... until I clicked on the Planning tab to display the budget. Then the Files options showed Print Budgets... replacing the Print Spending... function.

    With the printed PDF version of the Budget report I was able to create an XLXS version of the data and at least I have a template that I can use to create a new budget if I have to resort to that. Not an acceptable option in my opinion.
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    Thanks for your input. I will need to look at your steps slowly. I am not as familiar as you are, but I understand where you are coming from. Thanks again. Keep me posted.
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