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There have been many times when I have wanted to add up the amounts and counts of certain transactions to get a quick answer. Unfortunately, this often neither quick nor easy if the user has to generate a report with the correct filters or manually input many amounts into a calculator.

Excel users know that a "Sum" and "Count" of any selected cells will appear automatically at the bottom right of the Excel screen. Since Quicken users can also select contiguous and/or non-contiguous transactions by judicious use of the left and right mouse buttons as they are making their selections, the amounts and counts of the transactions should also appear somewhere on the screen so they can be viewed and/or copied for subsequent pasting if needed.

This could be a great time-saver when doing certain reconciliations.

Recommendation: Quicken should add this ability as a new feature.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    This feature already exists. If you don't see it, perhaps your register window isn't wide enough. Unfortunately, the numbers cannot be copied and pasted, but at least they can be viewed.

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    Go to any account, highlight the transactions you want in your total. As you add them if you look on the LH side bottom you will get a total of the transactions, and total amount. Then if you want a printed copy just request an edit transactions. With that list you can print  those transactions.
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    Wow! I can not believe I have not noticed that before! While I am embarrassed I asked such a question after being such a long time user, I am both humbled and glad I asked it because I got what I was seeking. Thanks!
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