After tax and Roth 401K



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    fanfare said:
    I planned to give my niece a copy of Quicken 2017 to try since she "doesn't want to pay".
    It's good to know it is still useable that way.
    Anyway, she'll probably discard it.
    How old is your niece and how much does she want to get her finances in order?
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  • raccah
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    @mshiggins, thanks for the info! I too have had good luck with the paycheck wizard and will continue to try to use it :smile:.

    Can you elaborate more on how you do this? The pretax transfers go into a 401K account and the after tax go into a Roth IRA? Or does the second account type not matter? And, you use BuyX so all of the transactions end up in the 401K account once bought? I am going to try to give this a try...
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