Mid Penn Bank CC-508 on-going problem

Spotteddog Member ✭✭✭✭
I have been going back and forth with Quicken Support and Mid Penn Bank support for over a month. I was told the cc-508 problem would be fixed by 6/6. It's still not fixed and it looks like Quicken support has stopped responding to my original post.

To refresh what has happened:
 The problem has been cc-508 (that the bank is waiting for a response before it will let Quicken update my data). The bank has confirmed that nothing on my account is waiting for a response. The bank said it was working with Quicken and Intuit on this matter and that the bank has gotten the complaint from several Quicken users.

Could support please check on this? Seems like nothing is being done. I tried support chat and after I explained what was happening, they stopped responding to my chat. This is why I have started a new thread. Sorry.
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