Incorrect Historical Net Worth

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Is anyone else experiencing issues with incorrect net worth reporting related to incorrect historical quotes on holdings? It seems there are issues with historical quotes causing net worth to be grossly inaccurate, on a historical basis. Any suggestions to fix this?


  • xssnco
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    Yes..However it is not associated with historical quotes...In my case two accounts show a huge negative balance when the monthly account balance is selected for a given range of dates...Obviously the software or database is "hosed". The running account balance when bringing up the registry is correct. However, when compiling monthly, weekly or any other balances for these accounts something is not right
  • gould12
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    This renders many features of Quicken worthless. It becomes only a ledger. How does one "fix" this? Start a new Quicken file, buy alternative software, post-process data with Excel, ... ?
  • [Deleted User]
    One thing to verify is that the "Include unrealized gains" on the Avanced tab is check marked.
  • Jawbone
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    After using this software for more than 20 years, it is hard to believe that anyone still hangs on to this. No one wants to give up all that history. However, when this program cannot simply match a Net Worth report with the account totals (that are correct) due to "placeholders" or whatever glitches that are going on, it is time to move on. The Schwab sync debacle took months to resolve and the reports it produces now cannot be trusted. Every other financial software seems to synch without a hitch and add and subtract automatically. This software is slow, bloated and is overdue to hit the trash heap. The Simplify piece works better but simply doesn't have the history and no way to export. It is no wonder that Intuit sent this piece of their offering packing.
  • gandj
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    I’ve been having trouble with just one account, checking, showing a balance that’s thousands of dollars too high. It isn’t off by a consistent amount from month to month. The crazy balances go back for years! I think the problem started when I got a new laptop last year and had my very old Quicken program brought up to the new version.
  • aztomtree
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    Net worth is not working. I run a report for ytd at monthly intervals and all of the figures are the same for every month
  • [Deleted User]
    @aztomtreeverify is that the "Include unrealized gains" on the Avanced tab is check marked.
  • HikkiNibz
    HikkiNibz Windows Beta Beta
    In the Net Worth report I have 5 different "investment" accounts.  If I use *any* date range and "None" as the Interval (to get a *current* net worth report) one of these investment accounts calculates incorrectly.  However, if I use anything other than "None" as the Interval then the most recent column (which is the current net worth) is now calculating correctly.  So I suppose that is a work-around but would like to create a net worth report for today only.   Thanks for any input on this one.  
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