My IRA includes Certificates of Deposit in addition to stocks, How do I add them to the Quicken IRA?

Setting up an IRA in Quicken.


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    @LSU Fan - It depends on what type of CDs you have.  They can be bank CDs - issued by your bank, or "brokered" CDs that are issued by any financial institution and purchased like investments.  The process is very different for each on Quicken.
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    Bank CDs

    These are set up as tax deferred savings accounts with the account intent "Retirement".  They act like any other savings account.  These types of CDs are not linked online with Quicken so they would need to be updated manually.  And, I have found that each Financial Institution has their own way of reporting activity.  You would need to confirm with your bank if periodic statements are issued or if there is online access to the CD's information.

    Brokered CDs

    These are issued by a multitude of financial intuitions and are set up as investments.  You will need the CUSIP number, Name, Maturity Date, and the value of the CD.  The CUSIP is a 9-digit alphanumeric fund ID.  Enter the CUSIP as the symbol and set it up manually be clicking on "Click here" at the bottom of the setup screen.  On the next screen enter the CUSIP again under "Ticker symbol", Enter the CD Name, and the security type should be "CD".  On the next screen enter the Maturity Date and hit "Finish".  I think it's a good idea to add the maturity date and rate to the Fund Name in parenthesis.  After CD shows up in your IRA, you can confirm your setup.  If you have set up everything correctly, when the CD purchase settles, it will download to Quicken via the One Step update.  Interest payments will also download.  Pricing is not through the regular pricing feed.  Prices are updated daily from the update file from your IRA financial institution (who purchased the CD, not the issuer).

    I hope this all makes sense, but if you have any questions, please let me know.
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