Downloaded transactions are not matching, no download ids

June 17, 2022

Help Please

I am using Quicken 2022 with Windows 10 OS. My data file contains entries back to 2002.

The following issues have appeared for the first time in the past 30 days:

1. Transaction downloads are bringing transactions marked as new that have been previously downloaded and reconciled from credit card and banking accounts. I was initially using web connect to access transactions but switched to express web connect to see if it would help. No change in problem. I added the download id in the register column and note that the register is not recording any transaction id numbers at this time. A number of the registers were previously recording downloaded ids but stopped in April 2022…last recorded were April 23, 2022. A few days back I found a few recent download ids in a credit card register…and then they “disappeared”.
2. I am currently using express web connect for downloads and frequently find that I
Have to deactivate the express web services and set it up again when the one step update indicates problems accessing the account. This is a daily problem.
3. I am having some transactions in various credit card registers show a N/A in the payee and memo line after I have correctly entered the information. I then go back and again enter the correct information which is initially accepted…but at some point when I reopen the register I find the transaction information has reverted to N/A.
4. I have validated and super validated the data file. The log indicates some corrupted files but does not give any specific dates nor issues. Perhaps 40 corrupted files are listed. I do not know if this is recent or accumulated over20 years of use.

I do have previous backups but I will be dropping back several months with many transactions to rebuild. I would like to correct an underlying problem if possible before I begin a rebuild. Thank you for your thoughts.
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