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From "Lover" to "Hater" in Less than 2 Years!

bfrock01 Unconfirmed, Member ✭✭
Is everyone just so sick of Quicken and this new subscription service. I logged in this weekend to update my portfolio and my subscription had expired (ok, that's on me, there were several notices in the software). So I go to update my subscription, their payment service is down. I contact support, they say their systems are down too and no ETA on being up. I asked if they could turn my service on for the weekend? They said they had no ability to do that. I go to purchase a key elsewhere. Amazon no longer sells the product, BBY only (appears to) sell the 40% off for new subscribers, Staples you can purchase by the download link takes 1 or more business days. What is going on at Quicken, it has turned into a complete joke. Not to mention the amount of breaks that I now have in downloading from Citibank, Schwab, etc. I've used Quicken for 25 years and for the first time looking elsewhere. Right now reviewing Personal Capital, so far it's impressive for a free service. Just can't stand loosing 25 years of history (I wouldn't lose it but wouldn't be on platform I'd be using). The move from Intuit has just been a disaster. I hope they can right the ship but I'm likely leaving the service. I have gone from the biggest Quicken Advocate to a "Hater" in less than 2 years!


  • @bfrock01 - sorry to hear about your bad experience with renewing your subscription.  Maybe wait a bit and give it a try again.  How did you contact support?  Quicken Customer Service is closed on weekends, but I see that Chat is open and up and running.  Maybe if you are still having issues, give that a try.  

    What other issues have you had with Quicken?  Maybe if you list them out sometime and post them in this community forum, other Quicken users can provide some assistance.

    As for purchasing Quicken from a retailer, Quicken goes on sale from time to time at various retailers.  Lately, Sam's Club seems to have the best sales price, but only puts it on sale once a year, usually at the end of the year.
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