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Portfolio Canadian stocks not updating, Juneteenth is NOT a Canadian Holiday

Gilles9 Windows Beta, Mac Beta Beta
edited July 2022 in Investing (Mac)
The new feature in 6.8 that shows stocks prices updates from the last Stock Market open day works for US Holidays,
Canada nd US do not have the same holidays
so this function breaks the Portfolio updates for Canadian securties as it is stuck on June 17th because of a US Holiday observed on June 20th

this needs to be fix for Canadian user


  • Gilles9
    Gilles9 Windows Beta, Mac Beta Beta
    Well in fact they prices for Canadian stock do update, but when refreshing prices it goes back to last opened US stock market ( in the actual case, June 17th ) and I need to choose the date June 20th to see prices update for Canadian securities

    Ther has to be a better way to do this
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