"Invalid Credentials" - when using Quicken outside of US ?



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    I am a US citizen living abroad. I have been using Quicken software for years with no problems until now that I paid a subscription. I am unable to sign-in as I now have issues with "invalid credentials". I am using a MAC version.
  • Just paid the subscription and I can't log in either.
  • I just paid the subscription and I can't log in, is it because of living out side the US? can't believe it..
  • I had this exact problem and I appear to have resolved it!. I could only log in to the "My Account" section of quicken.com. I could not log in to anywhere else and every time I changed the password from the Quicken Desktop App I got the dreaded Invalid Credentials. So, I logged into My Account on quicken.com and CHANGED MY PASSWORD FROM THERE. I received the 2F confirmation and entered the code. Voila! I was then able to log in with my new password from the desktop app!!! By the way, I am overseas and did this with a VPN to the US. It may work without a VPN.
  • KaliDurga
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    I haven't be able to get into my Account since May 2022. I have spent hours on the phone with the Techs. No answer.
    but, today...NO JOY!
    Anyone have an idea for downloading a stand alone program? I'm desperate! I have tried all the options in the comments and can't seem to get it to work.

    Help me please ObiWan, you are my only hope!
  • Ps56k2
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    please - add some basic details to your postings....
    1 - what version ... Help --> About Quicken
    2 - where are you located -
    3 - are you using a VPN -

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - sticking with R47.15 - Win10

  • Zid Angeles
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    I'm having the same issue

    -Quicken Version R43.26
    -Using VPN US Server

    I just paid the H&B subscription because my Q2017 no longer works. Then now it's another problem happening. So frustrating. Not even have the option to retrieve data that is mine.
    - Q2017 user
    - from PH
  • EBJP
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    I think we can agree that because the 'Invalid credentials' message appears when trying to log in to your Quicken ID online or through the software, that the problem is the Quicken ID, and not Quicken the software.

    I have been unable to access my financial data for close to 3 months now, even though I have a valid subscription. To me this not only violates the subscription terms, but also their promise of lifetime data access... I have a subscription and still my data is being held hostage due to problems with the Quicken ID.

    I have been a loyal Quicken user for over 30 yeas, and have had no problem logging in or using it in Japan until June this year. I am now an extremely unhappy Quicken user who is frankly upset with how quicken has failed to address this issue.

    Can anyone recommend a VPN service that is known to work from overseas? At this point I am willing to have to pay for VPN to unlock my data so I can export it all and try to recover my finance data. This has been a painful lesson in trusting Quicken with my financial data.

    Quicken, please say something about this issue which seems to affect all non US and Canada users.
  • mshiggins
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    It seems it is way passed time for folks impacted by this issue to send a politely worded message to the office of the Quicken president:


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  • Kickass
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    This is what fixed "Invalid Credential" for me when I was outside US.
    - Reset Windows 10. Start->Settings->Update & Security->Recovery->Reset this PC. I am not sure if this step is required.
    - Set Language as English and Region as US during the installation. I am not sure if this step is required.
    - Connect to the network from my phone using tethering. I am not sure if this step is required. I was testing if changing an IP would fix the issue.
    - After reset, disable Windows Defender Firewall. Start->Settings->Update & Security->Windows Security->Firewall & network protection. Disable the firewall for all network: private, public, and domain. Disabling the firewall is required to log in.
    - Install Quicken from https://download.quicken.com/windows/Quicken.exe.
    - Install StrongVPN and connect to San Fransisco, US. Connecting to VPN is required to log in.
    - Start Quicken aplication. I successfully log in after inputting account, password, and OTP.
    - Open the data file. Input the account, password, and another OTP again. I have successfully opened the data file.

    Some observations:
    - After I successfully open the data file, it is ok to change other settings like enabling firewall, installing Norton, disconnecting VPN, changing the Windows language, etc. Quicken account and password is only required once when opening the data file.
    - Once I thought that I forgot the password, so I recovered my password multiple times. Then I was locked out of my account. Quicken support told me to wait for 48 hours. After 48 hours, I was able to log in to quicken.com website again.
    - I tried to install older versions of Quicken, but it did not work for me (either Invalid Credential or blank login screen in Quicken app). It seems that disabling firewall and connecting to VPN is the key.
    - I cannot log in to quicken.com website (invalid credential) unless I turn off Norton firewall. I do not need to connect to VPN to log in to quicken.com.
    - Once I had a hard time receiving OTP from my email, which made testing difficult.
    - One time I got the error "Oops! Someting was wrong" when I tried to log into Quicken application. I have no idea why the error was different.
    - Quicken second level support is not available in the weekend. It is better to connect to Quicken support in the weekday.
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