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I am running Quicken starter with latest update and Windows 10 latest update.

Problem using ‘customize toolbar’...

I add 'use a specific memorized payee' to the toolbar. When I select the memorized payee from the toolbar, it adds the payee to the account register. Then, after running ‘one step update’ successfully for all financial accounts and then select one the specific memorized payees from the toolbar, I always get the message ‘transaction no longer available. would you like to redefine this icon?’.

It then works after redefining it, but when I run ‘one step update’ again, I get the same message.


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    This problem has been reported a couple of times before, but I've never heard of a solution being implemented by the programmers.
    My guess is that a pointer to the memorized transaction changes when you record the transaction in the register, so now the toolbar entry has lost its connection.
    Personally, I always start a new transaction, tab into the Payee Name field and begin typing the Payee Name. This brings up a selection list where I can easily select the desired payee, e.g., typing "Cas" points me to my "Cash Withdrawal" memorized transaction, an ATM withdrawal / transfer from Checking to my "Cash on hand" account. Review the amount. Press Enter. Done.
    Works nearly as good as using a Toolbar icon (and doesn't clutter up the limited space in the Toolbar)
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