How to "unhide" subcategories from 1999? Name is there but not subcategory transactions.

Category = Christmas
Subcategory unhidden by tick box = 1999
There are no subcategories below this that include the transactions = Nancy
I want to find Christmas:1999:Nancy.
I am asked if I want to create a new category. From 2000 and forward I can use Christmas:2000:Nancy.


  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Where in Quicken are you looking for this old transaction's category?
    If you are looking in the Tools Menu / Category List, is the list view showing you everything in the correct order?
    Please compare your Category List view to the image below, making sure that you have
    • selected Show Full List
    • selected All Categories
    • cleared the Search box of any contents
    • sorted the list by Category in ascending order (click Category column header so it shows ▴)
    • selected to show hidden categories
    And, of course, you are 100% certain that a transaction using Christmas:1999:Nancy still exists in your current data file and wasn't deleted or moved off into another archive file.

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