PNC does NOT provide data files (.QFX) older than 90 days?

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It appears that I didn't do a Quicken update for a few months this past winter (life happens!) my Quicken file is missing 2 months PNC data from fall 2021. I just got off the phone with PNC Online Support and they confirmed that they do NOT provide the necessary .QFX files for data older than 90 days.

Does anyone have an idea other than me manually entering the data into Quicken?



  • thecreator
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    Hi @DJ17 ,

    You will need to enter those transactions, manually from past PNC Bank Statements.

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    Just curious - on the PNC online website - is there an option to manually download a DATE RANGE of account transactions ?

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  • DJ17
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    Just to confirm what I can view the older PNC transactions online by a date range, but PNC creates a Quicken file for only the last 90 days (even if an older date range is currently displayed on the screen). I had to go in and print out the transactions from the PNC website and manually enter them into Quicken.
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