Budget Defaults to Previous Year (Q Mac)

Ron Member ✭✭
I have budgets that runs November to November. In addition to the current budget that begin November 1, 2021, I have three years of historical (Nov to Nov) budgets.

In November and December of 2021, when I opened the budget, Quicken properly defaulted to the most current budget beginning November 1, 2021. However, once in January 2022, the budget began defaulting to the previous budget beginning November 1, 2020. For ten months I always have to click on the year and use the spinner to kick it up a year or key in the current year budget beginning 2021.

This has been an issue for the previous years and has always annoyed me. It makes no sense. There was a previous thread on this, however it seems the user did not get a satisfactory answer and maybe just gave up.

I am a long time Quicken for Mac user and I use the budget features quite extensively. Is there a fix to this that I am unaware of? I would be happy to work through a solution with anyone who can help.
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