Gap and Old Navy Credit Cards now they have moved to Barclays

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When will Quicken support Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic Credit Cards since they moved from Synchrony to Barclays US on 6/20/2022?


  • evanspp4
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    Issue resolved using Barclaycard instance when adding your Gap or Old Navy credit card.
  • kurikurimc
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    If you are getting errors in one-step updates with your Old Navy card after their servicer migration from Synchrony to Barclays, you need to deactivate the account, then reset it up using the correct information. Here's how to do it.

    1) Navigate to your Old Navy account so the register is showing
    2) In the upper right-hand corner of the register, select the settings gear, then "Edit Account Details", or hit Ctrl-Shift-E.
    3) Select the "Online Services" tab
    4) Click deactivate, if necessary
    5) Navigate to the "General" tab
    6) Remove/delete any information showing in the "Financial Institution" box so that it is blank.
    7) Navigate back to the "Online Services" tab
    8) Click "Set up Now..."
    9) Search for barclay and select "Barclaycard" from the list in the search area
    10) Enter your user and password login information for your *OLD NAVY* card
    11) Click "Connect"
    12) Link the account to your existing Old Navy account if you have one
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