How to transfer vested stock options from quicken “stock option” to quicken “brokerage” account

Joan Viscontini
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This is a how to use question. Have owned shares vested shares for several years which in quicken reside in a stock options account. Currently trying go transfer those vested stock options from a quicken “stock option” to a quicken “brokerage” account without loosing LT/ST designations or their cost basis.


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    @joan viscontini - you do not own shares until you exercise your options.  You made no mention of having exercised your options.  Being vested only means that you have a right to buy the stock at a future time at a stated price.  You would only be able to transfer the stock shares once you exercise the stock option and buy the stock at the grant price.  After you exercise your stock option(s), then on Quicken you would use the Options Exercise wizard and it will walk you through the process to create the transactions on Quicken.  Once this process has completed, you would then be able to transfer the stock shares to a brokerage account on Quicken. 
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