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Periodically, Quicken requires that I sign in to my account before I can access my data. When I try to login with the same username and password I have been using, I get the message "Oops! Something went wrong." and a "let us know" link. This is just one of many irritations with Quicken. Unfortunately, I have years of data tied up in Quicken so I am reluctant to give it up. I don't think Quicken should require an additional login if their servers are not equipped to handle the response.


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    I have seen a few similar reports on this community and the suggested solution was to sign out of everything and sign back in.
    First, open your Quicken data files(s) and sign out (Edit > Preference > Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts > Sign in as a different user > yes).  Close Quicken.
    Next go to from a browser and sign in to your account.  Under the "Sign In & Security" section, select Sign Out of All Devices.
    Reboot your machine, open your data file and sign back in.  Hopefully this will resolve it.
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