Venmo - Automated Download Requires Constant 2FA Challenge/Response

MarkyBCus Member ✭✭
"Automated' 1-Step Update for Venmo requires daily 2FA.

For a while Venmo was broken altogether. We can now automate downloads, but the first update for the day requires a 2FA text handshake. I am familiar with some of my accounts needing security checks like this every now and then, but Venmo requires this with daily downloads, and has since the connection was fixed.

I have reported this multiple times, along with screen shots through Help>Report a Problem…

I've gotten in the habit of bypassing Venmo, skipping it when prompted for 2FA. I've disconnected the account and reconnected it. No joy.

Can this behavior, which wasn't how it worked prior to Venmo failing, be corrected?


  • UKR
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    Is it possible to turn off 2FA on the Venmo website? At least until someone somewhere gets around to fixing this issue?
    Flooding the "Report a problem" system repeatedly is a waste of time. The reports are reviewed but you'll never get a response unless they need you specifically to provide more details.
  • Cooper's Dad
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    I have the same desire as Marky. But Venmo does not offer an option to turn off 2-factor authentication as a user preference. (Given the nature of the app, I kinda understand this. Those who would rather it were off would blame Venmo before themselves for any theft or other loss they might incur.)

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