FIX available for CC-502 errors Citibank Credit Cards and Costco Anywhere Visa

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A while ago I opened a discussion about this issue, which Quicken support has continued to report as ongoing with no estimated fix date available.  Meanwhile, I discovered a fix that has continued to work well for me and want to make sure that the Quicken support team is aware. 

To begin, within Quicken, you click on the + sign to add a new account.  Once you follow the below steps, you will "LINK" the account(s) you have set up within Quicken to the accounts you "find" by following the below steps. 

You would NOT choose "Add to Quicken" as you already have existing transactions for these accounts setup in Quicken.  By choosing Add new account during this 'fix', you are able to choose DIRECT CONNECT under advanced options as the connection type.

One of the critical keys to all of this is that you must go to the Citi site [] that permits third-party financial software to be allowed to communicate with Citi servers, and within 10 minutes, make the changes within Quicken.  You will be presented with the Citi Online banking logon screen.  After entering your credentials and password, you will see the 10-minute countdown timer start running.  You must complete the steps listed below within 10 minutes or they will not take effect.

In addition, you must choose Citi Cards as the bank provider, NOT Citibank and NOT Costco Anywhere Visa by Citi. 

If you have more than one Citi logon and password, you must do these steps for each 'different' logon at Citi (example Citi Costco "Business" versus Citi Double Cash "personal" Mastercard in my case have two different logon names at Citi and two different passwords.  So I had to do the 10-minute countdown timer twice within Quicken. 

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    I forgot- you should "DE-ACTIVATE" the problem account(s) BEFORE you follow the above steps.  Also, you should visit the Citi 'management' website at to start the 10-minute timer (you must logon using your Citi username and password) to gain access to the timer.  Then you choose "ADD" accounts in Quicken, click on ADVANCED and choose "DIRECT CONNECT" as your connection method.  Enter logon credentials for Citi within Quicken, discover your Citi Cards accounts, and choose "Link to existing account" instead of "add to Quicken".
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