My scheduled transactions are jumping ahead by months. Is there a fix?

KDBrown Member
I raised this issue almost two months ago, and after several back-and-forths with Quicken Jarod that did not help, I largely gave up.

In the past, I posted transaction groups for paychecks (i.e., gross pay to a holding account, then deduct federal tax, state tax, etc. before transferring balance to checking--pretty normal stuff) and everything work well. About a year ago, every time I posted it asked if each tax was for the previous year--I can see the reason, but it was annoying. Beginning a few months ago, when I recorded a group, the date for the transactions would advance several weeks (I would change it back before letting it record) and it would advance the next schedule occurrence to many weeks after it should have been. At the same time, the speed at which the groups were recorded slowed to a crawl.

Has anyone else had these issues and--more important--is there a fix?
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