Cannot add a new security without connected service

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Using Quicken 2014 Premier Windows and sequentially opening annual files.  Trying to 'add a new security' for Fidelity Government Cash Reserves, then use Investment Transaction Report to locate incorrect transactions to be corrected.   Working through files, annual files for 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 allowed the security to be added and corrections to be made in the 'register' for investment accounts.

When I reached the annual file for 2010, when I try to add the new security, I get a popup message saying 'You seem to be trying to use a connected service, without a valid intuit ID.  Please register...'

I do not download anything, transactions, prices, watch list, whatever.  I have reviewed the Security  list and removed any and all checkmarks which randomly seem to appear on all securities.  Reviewed all accounts and made sure none are set up to connect to anything. 

I had been working through this for a couple days with no problem, then yesterday the problem arose.

None of my accounts are intentionally set up to connect to ANYTHING. 

Please HELP! 


I installed and patched same Quicken version on another machine and opened a copy of the same annual file.  Was able to add the same security on that machine and that file. 

Edited again:

File validated with no errors reported, still could not add security.  Restored  most recent backup from yesterday and was able to add the security with no problem.         


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