Quicken Alert: You've set up an account with this phone number


I've seen prior posts on this subject but I don't believe it adequately addresses my concern. When I opened Quicken today, it asked me to log into quicken on-line, the first time this has happened. So I did, and then I get the subject text alert but with a phone number that I don't recognize, which was (415) 233-XXXX (keeping it confidential). I did not click on the link to verify, but now I am concerned that someone else has access to my quicken account. I changed my password to be safe. What is going on here? Has my account been compromised?



  • kms0521
    kms0521 Member ✭✭
    Never mind. "This phone number" refers to my cell phone number where I received the text, which came from the quicken (415) number. Duh!
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