Issues with Quicken ID Password - Invalid Credentials

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I have been a user of quicken since 1992. Wonderful tool that has followed my lifetime of investments and record keeping. Last update (proposed after updating all transactions) I could not login into my account anymore. It kept asking for my quicken id and password and telling me my credential were wrong. I called the support line and waited for ever: I could not benefit from my premium subscription since I could not identify with my quicken id. After hours on the phone of trials and errors, the conclusion was the same: wait 2 hours and it should be OK. Finally after a week of questions and worries, I can now log again in the program. I am writing this cause I felt unconsidered by the support staff I talked to. It doesn't change my view on Quicken: it is an excellent software,
For those of you experiencing the same problem, I believe it may have to do with some new security software. I don't know what got me in that situation, but it does eventually clear itself after I kept trying with the same password. Changing the password like it let you, seems to make thing worse.


  • @jh-quick - just curious if your Quicken ID password met all of the following requirements - 
    • 8 character minimum.
    • Must contain one lower case letter and one capital letter.
    • Must contain at least one number.
    • Special characters are allowed but not required. 
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    Thank you for trying to help make sense of what happened to me.

    Password was updated correctly since I got an email feedback every-time saying the password had been changed. (verification mail).
    So it was changed and it definitely met the criteria.
    As far as I am concerned the problem is solved.
    I started the thread to share my experience and provide info toothers that may encounter the same issue: that is; Do not change your password if you are sure it is the correct one. Keep trying to login and it will eventually clear itself.
    If someone has a better explanation as to what happened and how to better solve it....
  • @jh-quick - I am glad you got it figured out.  The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago.  Luckily, after I left it alone for about 3 hours, my password worked again.  It was a disconcerting thing to happen so I can certainly relate.  I have seen more issues with the Quicken ID password lately, but again, no one has been able to explain why.  Your concern is a valid one. 
  • @jh-quick  - I have changed the discussion title to better reflect the issue.
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    jh-quick said: I have been a user of quicken since 1992.
    Are you in the US - or using Quicken outside of the US ?

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  • @ps56k2 - just to let you know that I am in the US and the exact same thing happened to me around 2 weeks ago.
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    Damian said: just to let you know that I am in the US and the exact same thing happened to me around 2 weeks ago.
    just have been asking -as several postings have finally mentioned... oh yeah - I am outside the US...  can't tell the trigger -

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