Best Bank for Interacting with Quicken

Have had way too many issues with Truist and Quicken. I need to take my money to a new bank. But, don't want to go from frying pan to the fire, so anyone have advice on a good Bank that interacts well with Quicken?


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    That is a good question.  What is clear is that a bank that supports Direct Connect method to Quicken will have less issues compared to Express Web Connect - given all else is equal.  That being said, as one example I am seeing many users posting issues with Citibank (EWC mind you) and I have had zero issues - I am not suggesting Citibank, just sharing a real example where our experiences are different.
    If I were to simply this, I would select a bank that first meets my financial needs including robust and feature-rich online banking, and then preferably offers Direct Connect method with Quicken because DC is superior.
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  • Wells Fargo.  They have 24/7 support for online services.  No fees for Direct Connect or Bill Pay through Quicken.  Go to the Wells Fargo website and search on Quicken for more information.  I personally have not had any issues with using Quicken with Wells Fargo Bank or Wells Fargo Advisors.
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