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Problem w download with Bank of America

gagasp Member
I have a biz account with BoA and as many others already mentioned while downloading it is asking a verification code which will be sent to the phone. However I changed my phone number and now my new phone does not appear. I have checked the BoA side and my account is correctly uptodate. Is there any hope to reestablish the link and get my biz transactions automatically downloaded like before?


  • @gagasp - try doing an "Update now" by going to the account register and clicking on the "gear" icon in the upper right and selecting "Update now".

    Otherwise, how long has it been since you changed the phone number?  You just might need to wait until it gets updated on the servers.
  • gagasp
    gagasp Member
    Thanks for the prompt reply. Same issue it is not asking for my new phone number. I did change it more than a week ago.
  • @gagasp - did you verify your new phone number with BoA?  Also, did you replace your old phone number or add it to your account at BoA?  If you added the new phone number, make sure the new number is the primary number.  You say that your new phone number doesn't show up.  Does your old number show up?  If not, what does?

    Also make sure on Quicken that there are no other phone numbers listed in the dropdown box.

    Otherwise, unless someone else has any ideas, I would suggest contacting Quicken Customer Support.

  • gagasp
    gagasp Member
    Thanks for the prompt reply. In the biz account there were 2 numbers mine and the one the other owner of the biz. As soon as I changed mine it appeared only his. Indeed I have updated and check with the bank if my number was properly changed and she was positive. My phone number was and still is the primary number to contact at the bank.
  • It looks like you have things set up correctly.  At this point I would then contact Quicken Customer Support.
  • gagasp
    gagasp Member
    I would like to share what I have discovered and avoid the same frustration to other users and here I am. If you change your phone number in your profile with Bank of America it will take almost a month for their server to update in a way that Quicken can pick it up. If you change your phone number at BoA make sure that your email is listed as another way for your to receive the authentication code. It will take a couple of weeks but it will be a bridge till your new phone number will be in sync with Quicken. Basically you don't need anything but patience to get back your code on a new phone number. I hope this will help.
  • Thanks for circling back and sharing your experience.  Hopefully it will help others avoid the frustration you experienced.   I am a bit surprised that it took a month to update the new phone number.  It would be interesting to know what part of the process caused the delay.
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