Expense sub category prints as Income on report

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I took the built in Report>Spending>Income and Expense by Category, and modified it to remove some accounts and category areas, and generated for 'Last Year'. In doing so, a category/sub category (Healthcare>Insurance>person's name) is printing in the Income section.
I have confirmed that the sub-category is an Expense under Tools>Categories), I have selected all those payments and re-selected the sub-category, and also edited a transaction, but all those payments still show as income.
I have another report I created to print this information each month for the prior month...it is working correctly.

Any ideas??

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    What's the Category Group for this subcategory?
    If it isn't the same as the parent category, reports may come up wrong.
  • jcinccma54
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    The top level Category is "Healthcare" which is set as an Expense Type and in the group "Personal Expenses". The 1st sub-category is Insurance (also set to Expense Type and "Personal Expenses" group.
    As I continue to try different things, what seems to be happening is if I take a report that includes Income, these payments are showing up under the Income sections. However, if it's just an Expense or Spending only report, then they show up correctly as expense items.
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    @jcinccma54- Verify that the Tax Related Category associated with "Healthcare" or "Insurance" is not an income category.
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    Bingo, Damian....That was it. Thanks!
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