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Hello I am using quicken for windows for the local marching band booster club. I have started inputting all the data (moving backwards from new to old) as I thought I had do this from scratch. The old treasure is FINALLY getting me all the old data including past transactions. If I import the old data into the new file will it wipe out the stuff I have already entered (thankfully it's only 2022 data) or will it just add it?



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    @hartbandboosters - If you import data with QIF files it will add this information to what's already there in Quicken.  But as always, please do a backup of your current file before you make any major changes or import any data files.

    If you restore a backup file, it will overlay what you have manually input.  If you do indeed have a backup file, then I would restore this backup file to a new data file.  I would then export the data you have input manually into a QIF file, and then import it to the new data file you created with the old data.  Again, please do a backup of your current data file before you proceed.
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    @Damian Thank you...What I know is the old person is doing a backup of the files, can I import them (sounds like the best way) or should I restore from a backup? One more question...I sent her the directions to save as a windows file (she has a mac)...if she doesn't do that correctly can I convert the file to a Windows file easily?

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    Have you seen this one?  Quicken article on converting your data.  See Convert from Mac to Windows

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • @hartbandboosters - Converting from Q Mac adds a whole new wrinkle, but maybe it makes it easier.  @volvogirl has given a link to some helpful documentation.  

    Bottom line you need to have the Q Mac data exported as a QXF file.  I have copied part of the documentation that volvogirl provided - 

    Convert from Quicken for Mac to Quicken for Windows

    Important: The option to convert data from Quicken for Mac to Quicken for Windows is available, but completing this conversion with a file that contains investment accounts will result in investment data loss.  Always make a backup of your file prior to attempting a conversion and review your information in the converted file.

    1. Open your data file in Quicken Mac.
    2. Choose File > Export > Quicken Windows Transfer File (QXF)....
    3. Save the .QXF file to media that will allow you to move it to your PC, such as a thumb drive or CD/DVD. You can also use Dropbox to move files. For more information, click here
    4. Move the media (thumb drive or CD/DVD) to your computer running Windows.
    5. Open Quicken for Windows.
    6. Choose File > New Quicken File.
    7. Select New Quicken File, click OK.
    8. Name your new data file and press OK.
    9. Choose File > Import and then select the .QXF file from your media.
    After you get this data file converted into your Quicken Windows, you will need to add the transactions for 2022.  There are several ways you can do this from manually keying it, if there aren't too many transactions, to importing the information from your other Quicken Windows data file via the QIF file I mentioned.

    I will be leaving here for the afternoon, and if you get the file and need some help, I am sure volvogirl can help.  Otherwise, I will be back later this afternoon.
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    hartbandboosters said:  What I know is the old person is doing a backup of the files...
    You really need to find out more about what EXACTLY the other person is doing - as per the other postings here for instructions.
    Also, as mentioned, there are differences between the MAC version and the WIN version - and the names & files.
    Lastly, it would be good to know what version you have installed - and what version the other person has installed ...
    .... Help --> About Quicken

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - sticking with R47.15 - Win10

  • @hartbandboosters - just to let you know - The discussion title has been changed to reflect that this is a conversion from Quicken Mac.
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