Wells Fargo CC-501

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Started to have connection issues last weekend, attempted to reactivate account. All I get now is a CC-501 error, where Quicken cannot connect to Wells Fargo. I sthis a known issue? Did not find and recent alerts.


  • @greggs48 - I can tell by the error code that you are connecting to Wells Fargo via Express Web Connect (EWC).  A better, more stable connection is Direct Connect (DC) that Wells Fargo offers for free.

    To switch over, first deactivate ALL Wells Fargo accounts.  If you have any Wells Fargo Advisors accounts, leave those alone.  They should already be using DC. 

    After you deactivate all the accounts, on the General tab for each account, blank out the financial institution, Account number, and any other online connection information.

    Reestablish Online connections by going into the Online Services tab in Account Details and click on "Set up now".  Search on, and choose "Wells Fargo".  Click through the next screens and choose the appropriate options.  When you get to this screen, make sure you choose "Direct Connect"

    (Ignore the message about charging fees, WF doesn't charge any fees for DC or Bill Pay through Quicken)

    Click "Next" and then sign in to your accounts, and then, you should see all of your accounts listed.  Make sure you "Connect to an Existing Account" and connect to the appropriate account already set up in Quicken.

    During this process, you might encounter other instructions to verify your identity (FMSSETUP).  Just follow the instructions and then go back into Quicken to finish up the set up.  You usually have a 10-minute window to do so.

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