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DL Ellwanger
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Since I started using Quicken years ago, any transactions on all my downloaded accounts had a category assigned to it (i.e., a transaction from Publix was automatically categorized as "Groceries"). Now none of the transactions from any downloaded account has any category assigned to it. This means that instead of just cleaning up miscategorized items, I have to enter a category for each line. Is there a setting that may have gotten changed from the last upgrade?


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    @dl ellwanger there are several options and settings that work together in Quicken that affect automatic categorization.  But if you are having issues with downloaded transactions, please go to Edit->Preferences->Downloaded transactions and make sure that "Automatically categorize transactions" is check marked.

    The other thing to check is to make sure your Memorized Payee List hadn't for some reason, been cleared. 
  • DL Ellwanger
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    Thank you. in my version of Quicken, Preferences is under edit, not tools. Automatically categorize transactions was checked, so go figure.
  • @dl ellwanger  you are right "Preferences" is under "Edit" not "Tools".  My bad.  Thank you for catching that. 

    If "automatically categorize transactions" was already checked, then try unchecking it, click OK, then go back in and then check it again.  Hopefully when you download transactions again, it will work again.

    If you continue to have issues with autocategorization, there are several settings under Edit->Preferences->Downloaded transactions, and also Data Entry and QuickFill, that affect how autocategorization works and sometimes you just need to experiment with these settings to get it to work the way you want.
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