Right after updating, when entering transactions, why is the whole memorized payee list highlighted?

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Right after updating Quicken (this time from R41.10 on Windows 11 Pro version 21H2 to R41.19; last time to R41.10; and other times before then, too), I find that when entering a transaction into an account's register manually, Quicken highlights every item in the memorized payee list. Quicken didn't used to do this. Recall that the memorized payee drop-down list that appears when entering a transaction in the register consists of two columns, the payee name and the transaction category; each payee can have one or more categories, each being its own row in the memorized payee drop-down list. I attached a screenshot here to show you what I am trying to describe.

Before this bug (that highlights the entire memorized payee list), users could start typing the payee name and then use the down arrow to change which row Quicken was selecting/highlighting. This apparent software bug hinders users from discerning which of the multiple, memorized categories they are selecting for the current transaction. Without seeing in advance which memorized category they are selecting, users may have to reassign the correct category more frequently.

This bug (that highlights the entire memorized payee list) exists in other lists as well, including in the "Security Name" field when manually entering reinvested income in an investment account. Is anyone else experiencing the same?

I have found that exiting Quicken and then restarting Quicken resolves the issue. But, Quicken should work "out of the box," immediately after any update.

Other info: On days when I use Quicken, it is usually the first application that I open after booting and logging in. Sometimes I have Firefox open before Quicken. I have only one monitor.

I am creating this new post after discovering the trigger that led to this previous post: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7915017/when-entering-a-transaction-why-does-quicken-highlight-every-item-in-the-memorized-payee-list


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    While there has been some further indecisive discussion on the older post linked above, I wanted to update the community that after I updated from R41.19 to R42.19, I did not experience the same highlighting problem at first. This could be for any number of reasons. Then I opened a browser to report this to you and when I switched back to Quicken, the full-list highlighting was happening again. I will keep monitoring the situation.
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