Latest update messed up all of my paycheck entries since March 2013 - vR41.19 b27.1.41.19

roblevas Member
I am not sure what the deal is with QA at Quicken, but the latest update is exhibiting lots of problems. What tipped me off is that Quicken now hangs and needs to be force quit and restarted all the time and one-step update is really slow.

This lead me to do the fix and repair routine. It tells me there are lots of errors in my data file - mostly my paycheck entries. So I looked at my latest paycheck entry and it is totally messed up.

For example:
Net Pay: 49,561,780,108,642,190.15
W2 Gross: -56,565,046,507,601,590.28

This is not cool. I have been a user of Quicken since the early 2000s and I think I may need to move on to something else. Quicken has been having various issues for the past few updates and this is the worst yet.

Any suggestions on how to fix? I have no intention of manually editing paycheck entries since 2013.

Windows 11, Home
Intel i7 CPU

Quicken R41.19, build
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