Quicken no longer sees my scanner as a source, why?

ArJi2532 Member ✭✭
My "attachment" paper clip no longer lists my scanner in the source window.

I can scan a document and save it as a file and then attach it, but what happened to lose the more direct capability?

I looked but couldn't find any way within Quicken to add it as a source.


  • @arji2532 - have you checked your Windows settings and verified that the scanner is set up correctly in Windows?
  • ArJi2532
    ArJi2532 Member ✭✭
    Scanner functions properly. Can scan and save documents outside of Quicken. It just does not appear as a "source" in Quicken.
  • The only other thing I think might help is if you reinstall your scanner drivers or software.
  • David C Hitch
    David C Hitch Windows Beta Beta
    edited July 2022
    Have exactly the same issue first recognized with version [Removed - Beta].  No problems with other programs.  Does not recognize any source, ie other scanners and Drivers. Continues to work as anticipated when running current non beta version.
  • ArJi2532
    ArJi2532 Member ✭✭
    The problem has now resolved, probably after the latest update. I didn't/couldn't fix it with other suggestions.
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