Are they converting Quicken to a Web App?

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I have noticed over the last several months Quicken has gotten very slow and erratic when doing simple tasks like switching accounts by clicking in the Accounts Side Bar.

I'll click and it will spin for a few seconds, create an overlay and visibly refresh to the account register I clicked on. Does this event actually trigger a connection to that account for some reason even though all the most current data should be in the Quicken data file locally stored on my computer? That should only occur when I request a download of transactions correct?

The program just does not seem to behave like a true client anymore and has behaviors more like what I see in web based solutions.


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    No. Quicken Inc.'s web app is called Simplifi and is an entirely different product.
    If you're having display-related performance issues, try some of the Windows tweaks found here.

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    Thanks I'll give those changes try. It was just the timing of seeing the issue start and my 20+ years in web site development that made me think there was something going on.

    We would sometimes see similar UX issues of the mouse spinning, page "flicker", slow loading of the page, etc. More often than not it was related to the A/B Multivariant testing embedded in the page but other times it was an issue with the actual UX code as well. I
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