I can't login to my data file

I had a technical issue, so naturally, I was instructed to reinstall Quicken. After completion my credentials were invalid (the same credentials I have used for over a year). I received a security code on my phone, changed my password, and it didn't work. Nelson (on the chat) told me to sign in to quicken.com com with my new credentials. He told me it would not disconnect the chat. When I logged in, the chat was disconnected, but the new password worked on the website. However, the new password doesn't work to open my quicken data file, nor does the old password open the file. How can I open my file without trying to sign in to my account or change the password back to the original?

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    This is a known issue that has been escalated but there is no ETA - 


    In the meantime, the only thing I could suggest is to click on the "X" in the upper right corner of the sign-in box a few times to see if that makes it go away.  If this is not possible, then hit "ESC" a few times to get past this sign-in screen.

    Recently, there have been many users experiencing the same issue that you are.  If you search on "password", "credentials", or "Quicken ID", and sort by most recent, maybe there are some other suggestions that might work for you. 


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