Account Balance and Net Worth Reports display "Cost Basis" instead of "Market Value"

Ed Shepard
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I've seen a lot of comments about the Account Balance and Net Worth Reports displaying incorrect information. For the last 3 months, or so, these two reports have been displaying the "Cost Basis" instead of the "Market Value" for some of the accounts categorized as Investment Accounts. The result is that these two reports do not display the same Net Worth as the Net Worth at the bottom of the register. This did not use to happen. Seems like a simple bug Quicken should be able to address.


  • @ed Shepard - On the Advanced tab, verify that "Include Unrealized Gains" is checked.  If unchecked, it will report cost basis rather than MV.
  • Ed Shepard
    Ed Shepard Member ✭✭
    Thanks Damian, the Reports are now showing MV, except for two of my Investment Accounts, which are displaying losses instead of gains. Will have to do some investigating to see why that is. May have to do with not properly exercising ESPP options. Appreciate you pointing this out.
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