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It would be nice if there was a way to hide TAGs that are no longer relevant. I use TAGs a lot and have been a Quicken user for 20+ years. TAGs I created 20 years ago are not relevant to transactions I'm making today, but I don't want to delete them in case I need to dig up old financial records. I would be nice if there was the capability to hide TAGs similarly to the way old Accounts can be hidden, so that irrelevant TAGs do not pop-up when entering transactions.


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    Unfortunately, there's no way currently to hide tags. The common suggestion is to rename the old ones with a letter (z) or symbol (ß) that sorts to the end of the alphabet and you are not likely to type when you start entering a tag. This will get them out of your way but keep them available if you need to search for one. Pretty much all the greek letters sort to the end. These can be found using the macOS Keyboard Viewer.

    In the mean time, here's an Idea Post that you can vote for: Mac Request - Option to Hide Categories/Tag (48 Legacy Votes).
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