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David Monfried
David Monfried Member ✭✭✭
Am unable to add a new account at Alliance Bernstein Private Clients. In Quicken, I'm able to enter the username and password, enter the six-digit code sent by SMS text, but the response - for the past week - has been a CC-501 error, with a warning not to call Alliance Bernstein to report it. It's Quicken's servers that cannot connect with AB's.

I should add that Quicken is able to daily update prices and transactions in my other AB accounts - it's only the ability to add an account that's the problem.

Any assistance or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Dave M.


  • David Monfried
    David Monfried Member ✭✭✭
    Resolved: I was tried to add account in Quicken via "Alliance Bernstein Private Clients", rather than the correct "Bernstein Wealth Management."
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