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when I open an individual account after download, to accept, check categories & add comments to each transaction, EVERY TIME now, the account window is so large that it is impossible to see the"accept" "finish later" "done" buttons at the bottom right of the account window... they are "under" the row of Windows symbols at the bottom of the screen.
The only way I can see these quicken buttons-- and I need them EVERY time-- is to put the account window into full screen, which otherwise isn't necessary.
ALSO, the resize arrows don't work. I can "grab" the window and move it; I can see the sizing arrows, (the cursor changes to a resizing double arrow when I mouseover the edge of an account window), but they don't work to resize the window.

I have many accounts, so it's inconvenient-- and it didn't used to be this way, but has been going on for 6-8 months.
Windows 10, current update, Quicken Deluxe, current download.


  • @mhead110 - you must be using "pop up" registers.  I can suggest 2 possible fixes for your issue - 
    • If don't really need them, turn off "pop up" registers by going into Edit->Preferences->Registers, and unchecking "Use pop-up registers".
    • If you do want to keep them, then when you want to resize the window again, before you do, put your mouse cursor anywhere on the Title Bar, hold down your Left Button, and move your window slightly.  This should change the window to a more manageable size.  Then use your "double arrows" to change the height and/or width to what you want.  The window size settings should be remembered until you change them again.
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