Transferred lots to Merrill and with sync I get duplicate symbols

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I recently moved my investments over to Merrill, and previously I was importing transactions manually via a QFX download into a different account in Quicken. So I did Remove/Add shares to get these all over to the Merrill account, and when I'm downloading via Direct Connect, I get my positions again, but Quicken Mac doesn't recognize that I already have these symbols defined.

So Quicken gives me a bunch of symbols without any basis information, asking me to provide this, but it's already available from the Add Shares.

Do I need to merge my old symbols into these new ones to fix this? For example, I have a position in CASS. Would merging my already defined CASS into this new one get Quicken Mac to match up future downloaded transactions with my existing trade history for this symbol?

Right now I just delete these phantom additions Quicken adds with missing basis information, but that can't possibly be the best solution for this.



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    I'm going through and merging these into the symbol downloaded from Merrill, and it seems to work.
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