CC-800 Error at Golden 1 Credit Union

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NEW error today, de-activated all Golden 1 accounts and tried to discover and link them, which 'worked', but then when trying one-step update after 'fixing' this, I again saw the CC-800 error (see screenshot).  Tried 'copying' my file and then adding in the online transaction credentials to the copied Quicken file, was successful in doing so, but then got the CC-800 error when trying one-step update once again on the 'copied' file.  I am at a loss how to fix this, tried 'validating' and saw corrections to all the Golden 1 accounts after trying to de-activate then add them back and link them to existing accounts.  Thanks for any help.


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    FIX for CC-800 Error at Golden 1 Credit Union

    Solved by Quicken Support.  Fix involved going back to a backup a few days before the issue started and restoring the backup. 

    Step 1: After restoring the backup, de-activate the problem accounts.
    Step 2: After deactivating the accounts, REMOVE the Financial Institution and Account Number from the right-hand side of the GENERAL TAB.  Note, you cannot remove the Account NAME.  Click OK.  Do this for all of your problem accounts at this financial institution.
    Step 3: Click the "+" sign to add new accounts and select your financial institution "The Golden 1 Credit Union". 
    Step 4: Enter your logon username and password for your institution.
    Step 5: IMPORTANT! After the accounts are found, CLICK LINK TO EXISTING QUICKEN ACCOUNT for each account.  DO NOT "ADD" the accounts to Quicken, you must change it to "LINK" once you find all your accounts.  

    Thanks to Jonathan in Quicken Online Support.  He found the solution that worked and was easiest to implement.  This points up the importance of backing up your Quicken data on a regular basis.  I have mine set up to create a new backup each time I close Quicken.  Has saved me many times.  Cheers and kudos to Quicken Support and yes, I tried looking through this community resource prior to reaching out to them, hence I wrote this 'fix' post. 
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