How do I delete multiple reminders at once?

After validating / repairing my file because Quicken would freeze, at least 100 0.00 entries were added. Trying to print out my monthly report to pay bills, the 100 entries are at the beginning of the list. Because there are no dates, I can't filter by the month.

Side note: Validating / Repairing my file did not fix the original issue just added more headache with the above. I'm having to delete one at a time. Since having to pay an annual subscription, function and service has gone downhill.


  • @lrodrig328 - a quick short-term solution would be to restore from a backup from before the original issue started.  You don't say what the original issue was, but hopefully there is a clear point from when it started.

    A longer-term solution might be more involved.  A couple of questions - 
    • Do you do a "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" regularly, or have you had to do it a lot recently?
    • Do you keep your Quicken data file on a flash, network, or cloud drive?
    If you can answer yes to either one of these questions, then I suspect your issue stems from data file corruption.  Alway keep your data file on a local drive on your computer.  If you ever to do a "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" within Quicken, always assume file corruption and restore a backup.  A validate usually uncovers an issue rather than cause it.  It could be that the validate only revealed more of the original issue.

    Again, I would restore a backup to get you at the point before your issues started, and then go from there.  Each time you make any major changes or validating/repairing, please do a backup first.  
  • LRodrig328
    LRodrig328 Member
    The original issue is Quicken freezing when I'm working within the program. If I choose an account from the left side of the screen (left of the Calendar), while I'm making entries the system freezes (circle keeps buffering and screen goes gray). A dialog box pops up to Close the Program. So I do. If I go directly to the account list and choose a file, Quicken lets me enter transactions. I sent a question through help within the software but never received any answer. So I went online where I saw validating / repairing the file helps. That's when I got 100 0.00 reminder transactions that had to be deleted.

    I keep my file on the hard drive of my computer and back up regularly - waiting on the day when the entire program crashes. I don't know when the problem started, but it's been quite a while ( a year or more ). It does seem that paying for an annual subscription should get me better service. I can't imagine having to go back to another back up file and have to enter / update transactions from any historical date. I keep a lot of information in Quicken and what a hassle that would be.
  • @lrodrig328 - I feel your frustration.  At least you have backups that you can go back to.  The only other thing I can suggest if you continue to have issues, is to first send an Error Report/Crash Report and then follow up with a call to Quicken Customer Support.  Let them know that you already sent report(s).  They will probably have you send another error report while you are on the phone with them to generate error logs.  They can analyze these error logs and your Quicken/system setup.
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