Unable to enter password for credit card account

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Quicken is prompting for a Discover account password to allow an update to occur, but it isn't providing a place to enter the password. I click 'OK" and it returns to the prior screen. The update button won't work until I enter the account password, but I'm unable to see where to type it in. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hopefully I attached a screen shot of what this looks like.


  • @jagbest - on the One Step Update Settings screen, to the right of "Discover Card" there should be a gold key.  Click on it and it should provide a link to enter your username and password.
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    Thanks for getting to my question so quickly. I checked but that's the only account for which there is no gold key (regardless of whether it is checked or not). I would like to include a screen shot here but apparently that's not possible within a comment. Additional suggestions are appreciated, thanks again.
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    @jagbest - please look on the Online Services tab in Account Details and see what type of connection this account is using. 

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    Thanks. I wasn't sure how to get to where you were so I clicked on the settings button, then to account list, then to edit for that account, and then to online services. At some point thereafter I was prompted to enter user name and password and it updated. So many thanks for your direction.
  • Glad you have it resolved.  There are a few different ways to find Account Details.  You actually used one that works well.  Next time, try right clicking the account in your account list, and choose "Edit/Delete account".  It gets you to the same place.  There are a lot of different ways to do the same thing in Quicken.
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