How to suppress lines with zero values

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:) Particularly in the net worth report. After 20-odd years, I have a lot of accounts that need suppressing. They don't show up on my day to day work but when I do a report, they still show up.


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    In the Net Worth report, click the Edit button, then click the Selected Accounts radio button. Uncheck any zero balance accounts that you don't want included in the report.

    If you have old zero balance accounts that are no longer in use, you would probably want to mark them as closed (or at least hidden). Right click on the account name in the sidebar and select Mark "account" as Closed. Or if you just want to hide it, click Hide & Show Accounts. These account will fall into the Hidden Accounts sidebar group. You can then uncheck this group in the Net Worth report customization dialog to eliminate them all at once. When you close the customized report, you will be offered the opportunity to save it so that you don't have to repeat this every time.

    Also, if you have zero values that you want to hide in other reports, you can do so by similarly customizing the report. For example, if you have a Transaction report, you could de-select certain payees and/or categories to hide their zero values in the report.
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