Express Web Connect does not get recent transactions/changing connection type issue/checking > loan?

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First, my bank charges for direct connect so I have been doing manual export and import. Recently, I figured out that they also support express web connect and don't charge for that. I tried to change it using these instructions but they didn't work. I did not get the option to select transaction type before deactivating, so I deactivated and did setup but again was not offered the option. The way around this is to deactivate all affected accounts (I have 3 with this particular bank), then exit the dialog box, click + (add account), find your bank, click advanced options, choose express web connect, enter credentials, then link the accounts if finds to existing quicken accounts. This worked.

By the way, it seems there's a minor bug in the online services tab - before I made the change above, it said the connection type was "web connect" (not "direct connect"), so I thought I was using express web connect. After the change above, it says the connection type is "express web connect" so clearly, I was not using express web connect prior to the change, and "web connect" is actually "direct connect" ( got charged for doing a test download).

Second, after updating to express web connect, my checking account was missing the last 4 transactions that I know were posted. I did update now to be sure, and it still did not get them. I did a manual export to QFX and imported (what I had been doing for the last 5 yrs) and it got the transactions. I've seen Quicken miss transactions before, so I hope this is just a fluke.

Third and most bizarre, so after all this, I exit quicken, then get back in a few minutes later, and now my checking account has turned into a loan! I did a validate file operation and sure enough, it says the account was deleted!! It gets more bizarre from here. I tried to restore a backup from 2 days ago using overwrite. It gives me an error saying it cannot open the file! And yet, after clearing the error, the checking account is restored to the state it was in before I went through all of the above. I did a validate and it's fine. I exit Quicken and get back in, still fine.

SO, I go back to the online services tab and it's set up the old way again (web connect). There is no option to reset the connection as I have with other accounts, but I note this time there is a notification (not sure if it was there before, but I would not have tried it, assuming it would just be an updated version of what I was using) saying "your financial institution supports an improved connection method, click here to find out more and setup. So I click, enter my credentials, and it finds all my accounts again. Unfortunately, when trying to link to existing accounts, it doesn't give me the options I want (the list for the checking account does not include the existing checking account!) However, this gave me an idea about what might have gone wrong last time - there's an overdraft account, which might be considered a loan, and I may have set it to the existing checking account when I made the change earlier.

SO, deleted the overdraft account in quicken (it had nothing in it and wasn't set up for online update anyway), deactivated the other 3 accounts, and did the add account process again. Now, it gives me the correct options to link to existing accounts and I did NOT add the overdraft account, since we've never used it. This time, the checking account picked up all the transactions! I exit Quicken and get back in, still OK. I do an update now, seems fine. Exit and get back in one more time, Still fine. Validate file - lots of changes across multiple accounts to transactions linked to accounts that no longer exist - I validate the file periodically and haven't seen this before so I'm hoping this is due to a recent software update. The transactions are still there and the balances appear correct.

SO, it looks like the change from checking to loan must be because I linked the overdraft account to the checking account by mistake and it didn't "take" until I exited quicken and got back in.

Sigh - I was fine doing manual export/import, this seems to be a case of "if it an't broke, don't fix it"! Burned 3hrs on this...


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    @lsn - It sounds like you have it all worked out now with EWC.  Just a couple of comments - 

    It does sound like there was a mismatch when you linked accounts from your bank to existing accounts in Quicken.  Sometimes there might be a link already established but always double check what's being linked, sometimes it is incorrect.

    An overdraft account (Line of credit) is usually set up as a credit card when linked with EWC or DC.  Not sure why it was being set up as a loan. Maybe Quicken got "confused" when you accidently linked your checking with your overdraft account.
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