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I need to build a report that lists all of my Bill Reminders (from the "Bills & Income|Bills" tab). I need to include the following: Biller Name, Category, Scheduled Date, Amount, Account from which it is Paid. Is this possible with a custom report? If so, how to go about? Thanks.


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    No, sorry, the Bills, Income & Transfers view and the Projected Balances view do not print a complete list of all reminders on file.
    The closest to what you're looking for is a report from the Tools / Manage Bills & Income Reminders menu. However, the All Bills & Deposits view does not include the Account to Use.
    Only the Monthly Bills & Deposits tab shows an Account to Use, but it isn't a complete list because it only shows the reminders coming due in a selected calendar month. If, for example, an annual reminder doesn't come due in the selected month it won't be shown.
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