One step update of financial accounts not working!!!!

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The primary reason that I use Quicken is to download and track my financial transactions from the various banks and brokerage institutions. Ever since March 2022, I no longer have accounts that are fully updated for Chase and Citibank. I have multiple accounts at Chase and One at Citibank. When I go to do an update sometimes a few accounts will update but they will only update partially and huge chunks of transactions will be missing. Sometimes the update says it found 12 transactions but then I will see no transactions in my register. This used to work beautifully for me so I am very frustrated and I have used Quicken for more than 15 years. I am about to give up. I have called Customer Support multiple times but I keep being told the problem is with the financial institutions and Quicken is working on it. In the meantime Quicken is useless for me and I have wasted almost 4 months on this.

While it is certainly good to hear, periodically, that you are "working on it", this has gone on too long. Please concentrate all your efforts toward fixing this problem once and for all.

I can only hope that going into the new year we will see a quick resolution to this issue!


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