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    Hi have a similar problem with schwab accounts. Most recently, I have tried deleting my old schwab account. I was rebuilding it from scratch but transactions for placeholders would be randomly removed from quicken... not all, just some. I reenter them and then not all of the re-done entries are removed during updates while some of them are removed a second or third time.
    Next, I tried restarting a schwab account by deleting all transactions and re-entering them..... all was good even with multiple updates. Then a couple days later during an update various of those transactions were removed. My third, yesterday, try is to start with a new schwab account and just leave the place holders there with doing nothing to them. I haven't updated on a new day yet. I have been working on this with many different tries since May.

    Tonight, the checking accounts from two banks that were recently working are now giving the message there is a problem logging into your account. I fixed it last night by adding a new password, several update tries worked last night. Tonight it is now giving the same message. The problems with Checking accounts have also been occuring since May.

    I have used Quicken for 30 years and am surprized by these new issues.
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