Has anyone ever had a different (wrong) account paid when using Quickpay?

Last week, I used QuickPay to pay my Discover card bill. (There's a lot of problems with Discover already and I've had to pay from my bank directly for the last few months after getting warnings that the payment I set up didn't go through.) This time, I did it on the due date and chose the amount due, which ended in $x,222, and it was set up to pay. I got a confirmation that this payment was being processed, but it said it was going to MBNA instead. That is an account I have had no transactions with for about two years and has not been on my bill reminders for almost that long. I was shocked when I called Quicken support about this as they insisted it was somehow user error. I know it wasn't, but have no way to prove it. I think it's enough that I haven't used the MBNA account for years. The only way it could be my error is if I manually went in and started a QP payment from my checking and just chose the wrong account. This was NOT how I did it and almost never do it that way. My options when paying it that day were to pay the full balance of $X,222 or current balance of $X,001. I would have had to type in these figures if done manually and I simply just did not. I now have a $29 late fee and $7 of interest charges and Quicken refuses to cover those. The saddest part is they have essentially closed the case so this could happen again somehow in the future since it happened to me.


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    In your Quicken data file, how many accounts are enabled for Quick Pay / Check Pay?
    To check, click the gear icon in the Bills, Income & Transfers tab and select Payment Accounts.
    Unused or otherwise inactive accounts should not be enabled for Quick Pay / Check Pay.
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    Thanks. I don't see a gear icon in that screen... This is a Mac subscribed account, maybe yours is windows? In any case, I have about a dozen accounts enabled. The MBNA was enabled, but I was never told to remove or unlink accounts that don't get used often. I still don't see how it was possible for the wires to cross when I was without question in the QP for Discover and MBNA ended up getting paid. There is no way to accidently change payees while in the QP screen wither. It seems there should be some sort of metadata that goes with the payment to prove what happened.
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