Digital Federal Credit Union Issue (QWIN)



  • ramboibm0
    ramboibm0 Member ✭✭
    Thanks. I am on R42.80. Restarted Quicken and tried to add DCU Accounts and it worked. Let us hope it continues to work.
  • kipick
    kipick Member
    This morning I did a deactivate and then a reactivate and all worked fine. Brought over a few transactions that were old or duplicate, just deleted them and all is fine.
  • quickastl
    quickastl Member ✭✭
    No need to deactivate, just try again. It was a DCU issue - fixed. For now,
  • joezeppelin
    joezeppelin Member ✭✭
    Yup, working for me as well without any other actions... just performed One Step Update.
  • Purushottam Sane
    Purushottam Sane Member ✭✭
    It looks like the problem is resolved. I just did an update and DCU entries came through. I did not change anything. Thanks those from DCU and/or Quicken who worked on this.
  • Cooper's Dad
    Cooper's Dad Member, Mac Beta Beta
    Thank you to the Quicken team for helping the DCU team fix their new online platform so it once again will sync to Q.

    Quicken user since the DOS/ 3.5" floppy disk days; migrated to QMac in 2022 for better cloud functionality.

  • pkeegan
    pkeegan Member ✭✭✭
    No such luck for me. I’m still getting CC-592 error with the message: “Quicken is unable to update to update your account because Digital Federal Credit Union Old is using an unsupported authentication method”
  • Cooper's Dad
    Cooper's Dad Member, Mac Beta Beta
    "Digital Federal Credit Union Old" suggests you may be connecting to DCU's previous platform. you may have different results if you re establish the connection by changing the bank connection in Q.

    Quicken user since the DOS/ 3.5" floppy disk days; migrated to QMac in 2022 for better cloud functionality.

  • pkeegan
    pkeegan Member ✭✭✭
    I had this problem last winter when DCU changed the platform. DCU or Quicken eventually fixed the problem, but it took about 6 weeks, without me doing anything about the bank connection. I've had these accounts with DCU for decades, and neither Quicken nor DCU has advised me to change my bank connection.
  • Sean Bowen
    Sean Bowen Member
    Good news it seems - I was able to deactive and setup my DCU accounts again about 20 minutes ago. Fingers crossed, this seems to be fixed. Be sure you are not connecting to Digital Federal Credit Union Old in Quicken. Just downloaded transactions successfully. Thanks for fixing this.
  • pkeegan
    pkeegan Member ✭✭✭
    I was able to reconnect my accounts to Quicken today, but it wasn't trivial. DCU must have disabled the 'Digital Federal Credit Union Old' connection several days ago. Here's what I did that worked:

    1. Disable online services for all DCU accts.
    2. Go to Account Details -> online services -> set up now...
    Sign in screen shows 'Digital Federal Credit Union Old' (cannot change this).
    3. Click 'Back' button and I see 'Search for your finacial institution'. This was not what I expected 'Back' to do, but it was the critical step.
    4. Type 'Digital Federal'. Select the 'Digital Federal Credit Union' w/o 'Old'. Note: oddly, when I typed 'DCU' instead of the full name, I got the same 4 matches but I was unable to deselect 'Digital Federal Credit Union Old'.
    5. From here, I was able to login and link my existing accounts to Quicken.

    I hope Quicken will add some detail when they close ticket #9584890.
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