ETF XLU doesn't update or show up in tools securities

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When added Quicken showed it as a Stock rather than a Mutual fund. It shows up in the account but Quicken does nothing with it?


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    An Exchange Traded Fund behaves more like a stock than like a mutual fund. You can use an "ETF" type if you prefer. You may need to create the type if it doesn't exist. XLU is definitely not a mutual fund.
    What do you mean "Quicken does nothing with it"? Did you buy some shares in a brokerage account? If so, you should see the shares in that account's register.

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  • oswlorif
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    All my ETFs are described in Quicken as Mutual Funds and price updates properly. It's only treated as a stock when selling. I just double checked and this was tagged as hidden for some reason and I untagged it. It still didn't update the current price but at least I see it in Tools/Securities. It may work tomorrow after a reboot.
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